What I Teach

Environmental Science

KS3 & GCSE Science subjects

For my PGCE I specialised in biology, although during the early years of teaching I ended up teaching more physics and chemistry.

Physics was never my favourite at school, but through teaching others I have taught myself to love it, something my 16 year old self would never believe!  I'm pleased to say I must now be a convincing teacher of chemistry and physics as my GCSE students often ask me to continue teaching them these subjects at A level...

Over the years I have learnt many ways in which to get my point across, from sensible diagrams and flow charts to silly stories and memory games. The joy of science is that there is always something in it for everyone and it’s easy to find something to engage the most reluctant learner and then build on their knowledge from there. If all else fails, most students can be lured into a science lesson by our two very friendly house cats who are often found sat regally on a student’s knee or trying their best to stand on the keyboard and join in during an online lesson.  

As well as complementing school teaching and filling in gaps in knowledge, I am also happy to act as the sole teacher for science, having successfully taught iGCSE science specifications to home schooled tutees, providing varied and engaging lessons including the option of regular practical activities.  


A level biology

After years of teaching all three sciences at GCSE, I found a job as an A level Biology teacher at an outstanding sixth form college in Yorkshire ... then I met my other half and moved to Surrey!

As an experienced teacher of AQA A level Biology, I have spent many hours familiarising myself with the specification and expectations for exams. As a result, my A level lessons are very keyword driven in order to improve the depth and clarity of written answers, allowing all students to revise more effectively and reach their potential. A common focus of lessons is past exam questions and the paper 3 essay. Lessons are usually scheduled in the day time during a free period, either online or often by meeting local students at a cafe in town.

Although I haven't spent as much time with them, I also have experience in teaching Edexcel (Salters-Nuffield), OCR and Cambridge international A level Biology.

Environmental Science

A level environmental science

I first began teaching environmental science when previous GCSE students returned to me asking for help. After looking through the specification, I realised I already knew most of the content through my personal interest in ecology and nature, various courses I have attended and groups I have been involved with over the years. With environmental science being another AQA specification, I found I was on soon on familiar ground and I have since helped several other students with the subject. 

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